Tribunj is a small village on middle Adriatic, which spreads the scent of the old Dalmatia and yet fulfils all present day needs of its guests.

The bridge that connected the old village with the mainland was built in the 15th century. The conglomerate of old architecture, compressed on the little island, has been preserved to a great extent even until today.

The history of Tribunj is closely relatet to the construction oft he small church of St Nicholas, the village patron. Today there is a beautiful vantage point on that spot, under which lay a pine forest and the beach Zamalin, and a bit further are the natural beaches Sovlja and Bristak.

Although it has been tourism oriented for a long time, Tribunj has remained a fishing village. The village waterfronts alongside of which boats returning from fishing are moored, the smell of fresh fish, crabs and shells create a unique atmosphere that has been long forgotton in many coastal places.

Gourmets are, however, well acquainted with the quality fish restaurants of Tribunj. In the early autumn the waterfront is decorated with barrels, which the villagers are preparing for the storage of their quality home-made wine. This region is well known for its wine and quality olive oil, grown on the fields oft he Tribunj hinterland.

Apart from the enjoyment in healthy and finely prepared food, Tribunj today offers to its guests about 2000 beds, in either rooms or apartments, 260 docking spaces in the marina, and Internet centre and a library, lokated in the restored old church. A post-office, a bank and a tourist-office are also at your disposal here.

During the summer, you can have a great fun on the wellknown festivities of Tribunj , the so called Fishermen´s Night and The Donkey Races, and towards the end of August, Tribunj is the host oft the line Fishing Cup.