About Us

Apartments Oaza-Tribunj are owned by Alojzije Kokorić since 2007. After 35 years of living in Sweden, I returned to Croatia and began renting one apartment “Apartment 1″, but since it was constantly full last few years, I decided to build one more which was completed for the season 2012. I live on the ground flore during all year.


Apartments OAZA

Apartment Oaza is placed in Tribunj. The street that is circulated by few cars from neigbouring houses is the guarantee of silence, while fenced garden with a parking lot is the guarantee of security. The apartment is one-roomed, favourable for a couple or family with children (using extra beds in the living room).

The balcony offers a view to a whole place, while in the distance you can see the sea and the islands. Along the usual equipment, the apartment also offers: air-conditioning, LCD TV, DVD player, microwave owen, coffee maker, iron, vacuum cleaner and hair-dryer. It is also equipped with dishes, linen and towels, in short – with all the necessary things for a carefree and quality holiday.

That’s not all; the guests can always use a grill and terrace in the garden, while on the table they will be greeted with fruit, rose and welcome drink!